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The new Dimension of documentation

The conventional monitoring of construction sites is a thing of the past. CANDID EYE generates tangible added value for your project beyond the legal benefits. Developed in cooperation between HGEsch and Leica, the system provides high-quality imagery throughout the course of the project, suitable for anything from sophisticated architectural books and film reports to large-scale images. 

Contemporary viewing and editing tools are provided by the accompanying CANDID EYE app. 

Nothing escapes the candid eye

Thanks to the incredible image resolution of 51 megapixel, the system allows you to maximize the degree of zoom on any given sequence – nothing escapes the CANDID EYE. 

You can develop entirely new visual landscapes for your project based on detailed images. As a result, you will experience the aesthetic progress of your project, unlike anything you have ever seen. 

Resolution 51 megapixel 

Image transmission via GSM or DSL 

Fixed camera,130° horizontal field of view 

Data protection compliant operation according to DSGVO:
Dynamic masking of individuals in the image 

Robust and weatherproof, certified protection class IP65 

Solar-powered as an optional feature

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A perfect image. 24/7, anywhere

The high standard offered by the CANDID EYE camera is also reflected in the accompanying app. The straightforward, beautifully designed interface ensures that even the most discerning user will enjoy using the app. Among other things, you have the option of having HGEsch curate a series of images for you.

Or you can choose to save your own favorites in an album that you share with colleagues, business partners and employees. 24/7, 365 days a year and from wherever you are.

All recordings are stored in the Project Diary.
Timelapse is customizable and offers creative filter functions.

In Favorites you can collect your favorite images and share them easily with just one click.
In the Documentary, you will find all images taken in parallel to the permanently installed camera.

HG5 – here you will find the exceptional shots curated by HGEsch. Real highlights at a glance.

The Candid Eye app can be used as a web application on all devices, on Android, Windows and Apple operating systems.

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Who is HGEsch?

Hans Georg Esch was born in 1964 in Neuwied. He completed a professional education in photography and has been working as an architectural photographer and filmmaker since 1989. Today, Esch is one of the world’s most prominent interpreters of contemporary premium architecture and avant-garde design.

Esch has developed numerous artistic concepts that have resulted in a large series of images and books. He also stages panoramas of cities and landscapes as wall-sized paintings or as walk-in rotundas installed in public spaces. HGEsch lives and works in Hennef / Stadt Blankenberg.


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